Web services

Too often technology solutions are chosen simply for the sake of using technology! At bac we believe online tools can add great value in some situations. However, they need to be fit for purpose and tailored to the needs of the client. We believe our ability to do this cost effectively makes us stand out from our competitors.
Risk registers

Our online risk registers can be reviewed and updated in real time to support decision making discussions.

Member modellers

Online pension modellers can add real value in helping your scheme members understand what their pension benefits will look like in different future scenarios

Dashboard reporting

We have a market-leading online dashboard that ensures all the various areas of governance fit together and supports overall decision making


IRM We have market leading IRM technology that allows you to set up your existing IRM framework online (or you can use ours!) and to

Member websites

Good member websites can give members access to basic scheme documentation and answers to common questions. We can help you design from scratch or upgrade your existing sites


YourView is our online training and evaluation tool. It can help evaluate the strength of your governance, decision-making, risk framework and advisers