DC governance

Whilst training for DB trustees is long-established, regular training for DC trustees and governance committees is still an evolving area. At bac we have a wide range of options to support your DC training needs, including online modules and face-to-face workshops.

A key area of training concerns members’ retirement choices and what these mean for default investment strategies. By spending time working through the principles with trustees and sponsors, clients have been well prepared for their next review of investment strategy and/or provider.

For developing communication strategies, training sessions on the market campaigns run by major providers and by the Government can provide useful talking points. The psychology of how we make financial decisions is also helpful in these discussions.

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We have a leading-edge approach to DB trustee training. Our focus is on making training enjoyable and highly interactive

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YourView is our online training and evaluation tool. It can help evaluate the strength of your governance, decision-making, risk framework and advisers

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8 November 2019

In the news this week, the Regulator confirms there are 37 authorised master trusts, the DWP consults on simpler annual benefit statements for DC arrangements, the ACA urges tax simplification and university staff are set to strike again.

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Despite the very different circumstances facing individual companies, bac‘s autumn 2019 survey reveals a surprisingly consistent picture of the actions which companies are finding most attractive to manage their DB and DC pension arrangements.

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As pension trustees and sponsors get serious about good governance, a key question is whether technology can play a meaningful role or is simply an expensive addition that looks good but adds little value?

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