Pensions Arena

Pensions Arena is a quarterly publication designed for finance directors, HR directors and pensions managers. Its compact format pulls together recent news and regulatory information and provides a pensions almanac to help keep you on the front foot in your pensions planning. Arena also contains all the key financial and investment analysis for the previous calendar quarter, presented in the bac dashboard.

Pensions Arena July 2020

This quarter’s Arena has a summary of our recent Pensions Perspective, “Emerging from lockdown”, which looked at how best to tackle the most common pension issues which companies are currently facing. It also shows all the usual financial and investment analysis for the quarter ending 30 June 2020.

Pensions Arena April 2020

Given the very company/scheme-specific impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, in this quarter’s Arena we simply show all the usual financial and investment analysis for what was a very turbulent first three months of 2020, plus a summary of key pension developments and Company pensions news over the quarter.

Pensions Arena January 2020

2019 marked 50 years since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and this was obviously on the Queen’s mind in her Christmas message as she talked about a bumpy year but one with small steps of progress as well. In terms of pensions, it also felt like a year of small steps and occasional bumps. In this quarter’s Arena, we take a positive look back at 2019, as well as looking forward to some expected pension developments over 2020.

Pensions Arena October 2019

Despite the very different circumstances facing individual companies, bac‘s autumn 2019 survey reveals a surprisingly consistent picture of the actions which companies are finding most attractive to manage their DB and DC pension arrangements.

Pensions Arena July 2019

For a picture of DB governance, imagine a flourishing tree. The root system is not usually visible but it’s crucial to the health of the whole tree. In this Arena article, we aim to get to the ROOT of what makes for good governance for a DB scheme.

Pensions Arena April 2019

Demand for UK buy-ins and buy-outs has been growing very fast. In this Arena article, we consider why bulk annuities have been so affordable and we look at how to get your scheme into the best possible shape to approach the insurance market.