Our approach

Our business has grown dramatically since launch, with a list of household names as clients. So why have those companies chosen to work with us?

Genuine value for money

We are the only major corporate consultancy to offer genuine fixed fees. If you speak to our clients, they will tell you that we have never re-visited a fixed fee once agreed, irrespective of how the project scope has evolved.

A different kind of working relationship

We are passionate that all of our clients should have a personal and exemplary experience of working with us. What does this mean?
  • you always deal with senior, highly-experienced consultants
  • you always see the highest standards of work, our objective being to exceed your expectations
  • we care about our clients and the issues they face. A good working relationship needs to be about more than making money. We will only continue to grow and succeed if our clients do likewise.

Everyone claims to offer innovation but backing that up with evidence is much harder! If you speak to our clients, you will hear how we deliver this in practice and on a regular basis. More than that, we take pride that our innovation does not involve our clients spending more money with us to implement the “solution”. Our ability to put innovation into practice has been recognised in our recent awards.
Actuarial advice

We provide comprehensive and truly independent actuarial advice to help companies manage their defined benefit liabilities successfully

DB governance

Our award-winning governance offering can help you make small adjustments to your DB governance or provide a root and branch review

DC governance

Our DC governance solutions are suitable for large and smaller arrangements, with the latter under increasing scrutiny from TPR

Web services

We have a wide range of technology solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs

Operational support

We provide additional resource or dedicated project management for specialist or one-off projects