Operational support

Changing legislation, a corporate transaction or a special scheme project can all lead to a large amount of complex work in a short timeframe. bac has years of experience of helping clients of all sizes manage these resource-heavy projects.

Project management

Large one-off projects can create significant resource pressures and costs can quickly spiral. We can help in a variety of ways


We can provide a full range of support, from member announcements through to online websites and modellers. Our mantra is keep it simple and to the point

High earners support

The annual and lifetime allowances are complex areas of pensions tax. We can help you design and implement your employee support programme

Benchmarking fees

We can help you benchmark your existing advisers’ fees and ensure you get the best value from their service

Liability management

For a cost-effective and successful liability management exercise you need experienced project management, a well thought through offering and a strong member communication plan