DC governance

DC governance is becoming increasingly important. Sponsors need all of their corporate risks to be tightly controlled, whilst DC governance is a key area for the Pensions Regulator.

However, with much less history than for DB governance, best practice is still evolving. In addition, given the different balance of risk between members, trustees and sponsor, the objectives for DC governance are subtly different from those for DB pension schemes.

We can provide the specific support you need in any area of DC governance, as well as a fully joined-up governance solution which covers all aspects of managing your DC arrangements.

Risk registers

The use of risk registers in the DC environment is still an emerging practice. Find out how we can help.

Business plans

We can help trustees articulate the high-level direction of travel, so that they are clear on what they want to achieve

Dashboard reporting

We have a market-leading online dashboard that ensures all the various areas of governance fit together and supports overall decision making


We have a wide range of options to support your DC training needs, including online modules and face-to-face workshops