BAC Briefing

BAC Briefings provide a short technical summary of a single topic.

Beginner’s guide to DC governance

The Pensions Regulator says it will not accept two classes of scheme member – those that benefit from good governance and administration and those that do not. In this Briefing, we provide an overview of what the Regulator expects from DC scheme trustees.

Beginner’s guide to risk registers

Both risk registers and dentists are important for managing risks, but your heart may sink when the next session is approaching! In this Briefing we look at how to ensure your risk register is a useful tool for managing risks (not a large and unwieldy tick-box exercise).

Beginner’s guide to reviewing advisers

Whether driven by a desire for good governance, concerns about fee levels or poor quality service, carrying out a formal review of scheme advisers is becoming increasingly common. In this Briefing we set out the principles you should apply when carrying out a review.

Survey of company actions

Over the autumn of 2019, BAC conducted an extensive survey of the actions which companies are taking to manage their defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) pension arrangements.