Actuarial advice

Defined benefit liabilities can be a major risk management issue for companies. The scale of regulation is increasing, as is the range of solutions to manage those liabilities. How does a sponsor decide what to do and where best to spend its money? We offer a truly independent perspective to guide our clients through these issues.

Valuation negotiations

The key to a successful valuation outcome is planning and preparation in advance of the results being known, so you can approach the negotiation on the front foot

Financial reporting

Our team has substantial experience of financial reporting. We can provide both strategic advice and compliance support

Liability management

We can help you look at ETV, PIE and retirement options and test their feasibility for your own circumstances

Long term planning

Increasingly sponsors are recognising the advantages of agreeing a long term funding and investment strategy. We can help you develop your plan and make sure it is practical to implement

Restructuring / M&A

Pensions-related issues can be one of the biggest obstacles to a company carrying out corporate restructuring, acquisitions or disposals

Member modellers

Online pension modellers can add real value in helping your scheme members understand what their pension benefits will look like in different future scenarios