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Week ending 6 December 2019

French workers strike over pension reforms

There have been mass strikes in France this week prompted by President Macron’s proposed pension reforms. School and transport workers have been joined by police, lawyers, hospital staff, airport staff, energy workers, refuse collectors and postal workers for a general walkout that includes millions of workers. The strikes started on 5 December and no end date has been given.

The pension reforms aim to replace the 42 different private and public pension schemes in France with a universal points system, which President Macron says would be fairer. The official French retirement age is 62 but benefits and retirement ages differ across industries. The reforms include a proposal for anyone retiring before age 64 to have a reduced pension.

The last time major pension reforms were proposed in France was in 1995. They led to three weeks of strikes with popular support and the government reversed its proposals.

Unilever pension changes

Unilever is proposing changes to its UK pension benefits. These include closing the DB section to new entrants and reducing the level of future DB accrual by:

  • changing the accrual rate from 1/60th to 1/80th
  • reducing the maximum pensionable salary that counts for DB accrual from £60,500 to £45,000.

At the heart of the proposed approach is a “Benefits Envelope” of 25% of pensionable salary which employees will be able to allocate to a variety of benefits including:

  • DB pension (for existing members only)
  • DC pension
  • topping up life assurance or
  • take home pay (after tax and NI).

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